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Beverly Hills Condos

90210 Burton Way

Beverly Hills has a number of condominiums located in the 90210, 90211 and 90212 zip codes.  Most of the high-rise condominiums are located in the 90210 zip code near the center of the city.  Low-rise buildings are located in the southern section of the city in the 90211 and 90212 zip codes.  Prices range from $750,000 - $10 million.

90211 BH East

90212 BH South

90212 Rodeo

Beverly Hills Flats

The Beverly Hills Flats is an area of the city that is bordered by Holmby Hills and Santa Monica Boulevard on the south and Sunset Blvd. to the north.  The blocks were designed with large lots and wide curving streets lined with palm, eucalyptus and acacia trees and a three block 80 foot wide park running along Santa Monica Boulevard, parallel to the Los Angeles Country Club.  Homes range in price from $4-10 million.

Beverly Hills: North of Sunset

The area North of Sunset Blvd., where the Beverly Hills Hotel is located, is zoned for the largest properties and most valuable homes in the city.  Zoning for lot size doubles north of Sunset Blvd. and reaches approx. one mile north into the Santa Monica Mountains.  Home values range from $8-$50 million.

Beverly Hills Post Office (BHPO) 90210

Benedict Canyon

Coldwater Canyon

Beverly Hills Post Office is the name given to the area just above Beverly Hills proper that is served by the Beverly Hills postal service, but that, in actuality, lies in the city of Los Angeles, and, as such, is served by L.A. city services (fire, police, schools, etc.). Homes in the Beverly Hills Post Office area have just one zip code, which is shared with homes within the city limits of Beverly Hills – 90210. The Beverly Hills Post Office area extends all the way up in the hills and canyons to Mulholland Highway, much of which forms the border between the city and the San Fernando Valley, more commonly known as just "the valley". 

The BHPO area, as the area is nicknamed, is comprised of everything ranging from tiny homes nestled on narrow winding streets in the canyons to mega mansions topping the verdant hills, and everything in between. Convenient to both the city and the valley, the Beverly Hills Post Office area is sandwiched between the hills of Bel Air and the area known as Sunset Strip - Hollywood Hills West. Benedict Canyon and Coldwater Canyon traverse the area, taking commuters from the city to the top of the hills. Coldwater continues "over the hill" to deposit its commuters in Studio City, a popular area of the San Fernando Valley.


Beverly Hills Post Office has a number of private luxury gated communities in the Santa Monica Mountains within Los Angeles. They include: The Summit, famous for having had residents such as Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, and Ed McMahon; Mulholland Estates; Beverly Ridge Estates; and Beverly Park, one of the most expensive gated communities in the U.S.  Estates range in price from $5 - $50 million.

Laurel Canyon

Beverly Park

Beverly Ridge

Mulholland Estates

The Summit

Roxbury Park

The Roxbury Park area is located in the southwest section of the city, adjacent to Roxbury Park, Century City and Beverly Hills High School.  Home range in value from $1.5 - $4 million.

Trousdale Estates

Trousdale Estates sits north of Sunset Boulevard and the Beverly Hills Flats, just west West Hollywood. Trousdale Estates is a 410-acre enclave of luxurious, mostly single-story homes in Beverly Hills, California. Developed in the 1950s and 60s on what had been the Doheny Ranch - whose manor house, Greystone, is still the largest home in Beverly Hills - Trousdale Estates quickly became famous for its concentration of celebrity residents and the unrestrained extravagance of its architecture.  Homes range in value from $4-$10 million.

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